3 ways your business can support World Mental Health Day 2018

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10th October every year.

This year focuses on young people and mental health in a changing world.

The Mental Health Foundation states that most mental health problems start in childhood or adolescence and that 50% of them are established by age 14.

The day offers us an opportunity to recognise that the world can be overwhelming at the best of times, and that with a little bit of awareness we can destigmatise mental health to make our existence a much nicer one.

Many of you business owners will be wondering how you can get involved in supporting those that are dealing with mental health.

Here’s a few small but sweet things you can do to raise awareness on World Mental Health Day 2018:

Random acts of Kindness

Whatever your business might be, decide that on the 10thOctober, you will complete a random act of kindness for at least one person.

Give someone a compliment, engage in meaningful conversation, help someone out, or give something with discount, or for free.

Neurologists suggest that our brains are wired to derive pleasure from giving, so not only will you make someone else feel loved, you’ll feel great as well.

Write surprise notes to your customers

Ok, this one sounds a little bit creepy at first, but imagine getting back home, pulling your new purchase from the bag and finding a piece of paper with an encouraging message on it.

‘You are powerful’


‘Thanks for being you’

Either of those would definitely put a huge smile on my face. For more inspo on what to write, follow notes to strangers on Instagram. @notestostrangers.

If you sell coffee then write it on the cup. In an office? Put up posters… there’s all kinds of ways to get creative with this one.

Make sure to plug World Mental Health Day and encourage your customer or client to forward the favour.

We all need a little boost now and then, and it can come in the strangest of places.

Support your employees

It may seem simple but many employers can get so caught up in their business logistics that their employees wellbeing goes under the radar.

A poll by mental health charity Mind, states that work is now the most stressful thing in people’s lives.

It’s more important than ever before that employers start to address and tackle the issue themselves.

Because of the stigma attached to mental health in the workplace, most employees won’t be open about how they’re feeling, and most bosses are too afraid to confront it as well.

Make sure your staff get regular breaks, are staying hydrated and aren’t too overburdened with work. Ask how they are, if they need time off then don’t punish them for it, and let them know that they can approach you with any problems.

These positive gestures of kindness can be used all year around to lift each other, and to remind people that we’re all in this together.

So, keep being kind, keep talking about mental health and you may inspire other business owners to join you.

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